Automate certificate generation

Atomi creates digitally signed certificates for students and promotes MyData principles.

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For students

With the Atomi service, students receive various extracts and certificates anytime, anywhere.

The automated study office service reduces the mechanical work of the study administration.

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For student offices

With Atomi's tool for student offices, you make and send students various certificates and extracts without paper.

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For signers

Atomi's certification service allows you to digitalize the process of certifying. You will receive certificates for students with an approved QES-level electronic signature.

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Finland's most used service for producing electronic certificates

The Atomi service is already available to nearly 250,000 students, hundreds of study administration staff and dozens of colleges and educational institutions. The service generates thousands of certificates every day.

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Atomi's service package has several different features. Learn more!

Comfortable and easy to use

Atomi is easy to use for both students and the study administration. The service also works on all mobile devices. Atomi meets the EU WCAG accessibility requirements.

Integrate with anything

Atomi service package is integrated into several study administration systems, electronic archives and document management systems. Integrations also for O365 login used by educational institutions!

We offer a smooth deployment

All deployments are done by us, and the service itself is delivered with a SaaS model, so you don’t have to worry about the challenges of deploying the service.

Massa adds more features

Does your institution have a lot of short courses or MOOC courses? No worries. Atomi service allows certificates to be sent to up to thousands of students at once.

Signing of contracts

Atomi service also includes a service for signing contracts. With the help of the service, you can handle the signing of, for example, internship and apprenticeship contracts or employment contracts.

Read more:

Electronic certificates

The service package allows you to produce all the certificates of your educational institution electronically - including diplomas.